Wuxi Microenergy CNC Technology Co.,Ltd.

The company has produced more than 10 fully automated production lines in the automotive leaf spring , stabilizer rod , guide arm and circular spring industries , and the equipment is efficient and stable. The company's products have a good reputation in the automotive parts industry , and have also been recognized by the automotive parts industry users.

We adhere to the enterprise tenet of " continuous innovation , creating values for customers and realizing common values of life , and provide the most ideal equipment for domestic and foreign customers with the international concept of " sales as a service " and contribute to the first-class service at home and abroad.

Wuxi Microenergy CNC Technology Co.,Ltd.

Microenergy Company is a professional manufacturer devoted to R & D and manufacture of various medium-frequency and high-frequency induction heating equipment ,high-frequency quenching and water-cooling equipment. The company always adheres to the purpose of " science and technology as the guide , knowledge as the source ,quality as life , users as God " . The products have complete specifications and strong sets , which can meet the needs of users in all walks of life . Requirement . Product sales cover the whole country , export to Southeast Asia , South America .African countries and regions , and enter the Eastern European market.

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Wuxi micro energy CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in yangxiyuan Industrial Park, Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City
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The medium frequency heating furnace company has produced more than 10 fully automatic production lines in the automobile leaf spring, stabilizer bar, guide arm and circle spring industries

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The products of the medium frequency induction furnace company have a good reputation in the auto parts industry and are recognized by the users of the auto parts industry
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With the international concept of "sales as service" to provide ideal equipment for customers at home and abroad and contribute good services at home and abroad