On the design of fan motor of closed cooling tower

2020-04-13 14:52

Fan / motor design of closed cooling tower:

The blade is made of aluminum alloy plate.

1. Fan design: low noise cooling tower fan is adopted. The blade is a new type of variable angle blade with large chord length, wide outside and narrow inside, forward leaning and backward bending. It is installed on the top of the cooling tower, the support of the fan is fixed on the frame of the cooling tower box, the fan and the support shall be connected by galvanized bolts, and the vibration isolation pad shall be set for vibration isolation, and the air outlet side of the fan shall be set with removable protective net. Air distribution is uniform and heat transfer is good; users can start the number of fans according to seasonal changes.

2. Each tower adopts 8 low-noise cooling tower fans. For the purpose of energy saving, the device is easy to maintain.

3. Select outdoor cooling tower seal motor. The motor is directly linked with the impeller, and the inlet of the fan is provided with a detachable protective net, which has the characteristics of high operation efficiency, low noise, low power consumption, small vibration and long service life.

The closed cooling tower can reduce the maintenance of cooling equipment. It is the crystallization of basic theory, computer design sequence, naive scientific research, rich practical experience, test conditions and manufacturing process. The closed cooling tower has the advantages that can not be overcome by the open cooling tower, such as no pollution of cooling water, increase the service life of cooling equipment and save supplementary water. The closed cooling tower should be used for Recycling cooling water system, air conditioning system and condenser cooling water system in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, manufacturing, food and other industries.