Safety prevention and water tank setting of closed cooling tower

2020-04-13 15:03


In order to prevent personal injury or property loss accidents, the correct tools and procedures must be used when transporting, lifting, installing, operating, maintaining and repairing the equipment in closed cooling tower. Electrical, mechanical and rotating machines have potential hazards, for people who are not familiar with their design, manufacturing and operation. Therefore, the equipment shall be protected to prevent the public from being injured and the equipment, related systems and houses from being damaged. It is not allowed to operate the equipment before the junction box, access panel and access door are restored to their original positions.

When the fan speed of the closed cooling tower needs to be changed by the factory set speed, including the use of variable speed control device to change the speed, measures must be taken to avoid running near the "critical speed", otherwise it may lead to fan failure and damage. The motors of each relevant fan and water pump shall be equipped with switches that can be locked in the off position, and these switches shall be within the visible range of the cooling tower.

Do not carry out any maintenance work near the fan motor and driving device or inside the unit without first ensuring that the fan and water pump motor have been disconnected and locked in the closed state. As a general equipment, open cooling tower is used in all walks of life, but it needs to be safe.

Therefore, in many cases, the closed cooling tower needs to be slightly adjusted according to different user pipelines. Sometimes the water tank of closed cooling tower is relatively low, because the user's pipeline goes along the ground, so the pipeline, water pump and printed UV heat exchanger are lower than the water tank of closed cooling tower in some places, so the water tank does not need to be increased. Normal.

The water tank of the other closed cooling tower is relatively high because the user requires the pipe to go through the hanger on the ceiling. The ceiling hanger is higher than the cooling tower itself. If the water tank is also made into a low water tank, there is no problem in normal startup. But if the machine is stopped, the water in the water pipe on the ceiling is higher than the water tank, so it is easy to flow back to the water tank and come out from the top of the water tank. The water tank of closed cooling tower is installed at the top of the pipeline, which is the closed circulation system.