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Automotive leaf spring coiled ear heating furnace(closed type)

Product details

Heating Furnace for Rolling Ear of Automobile Leaf Spring


Product Advantage

1.Induction heating covers a small area, has a small thermal radiation, and has a good production environment.

2 . Induction heating is ready to use without preheating.

3 . Induction heating has no soot emission and good working environment.

4 . Induction heating has the advantages of fast heating speed,high efficiency,light decarbonization, less oxide skin,uniform heat transmission and good surface quality.

5 . Real-time scanning detection and control of steel plate in the furnace ensures the furnace temperature, high control accuracy, ensures that there will be no over-burning phenomenon,and improves the quality of products.

6.Induction heating has small thermal radiation,small ear shrinkage and good product size consistency.

7.It can communicate with signal signal of automatic ear rolling production line to realize unit automation.

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