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Closed-Loop Temperature Detection And Control System

Product details

Non-contact infrared thermometer products , temperature control using closed-loop control software and German Siemens brand PLC , man-machine interface circuit composed of temperature Closed-loop Detection and control system . Because it is specially tailored for automobile leaf spring processing, the whole production process is automatic, continuous and stable. Cold materials and overheated parts have been basically eliminated . Ensure uniform heating temperature.

There is a temperature measuring groove on the top of the induction furnace . The infrared thermometer monitors the steel plate heated in the furnace in real time by means of dynamic scanning, and displays the temperature of each steel plate in real time , which is convenient for the quality monitoring on the production site.

Control function: When the infrared temperature controller detects the temperature of the furnace steel plate reaches the set temperature , the system automatically outputs the signal to the manipulator to fetch material or sound and light alarm to ensure the temperature consistency of the furnace steel plate and the continuity of production . The accuracy of temperature control is ( + 5 C ) .

Anti-over-burning function: When the infrared temperature controller detects that the temperature of steel plate in the furnace reaches the set upper limit value , the steel plate is not taken out in time . The temperature control system automatically reduces the power supply to insulate the steel plate in the furnace and prevents the steel plate from over burning.