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WBH Compound Flow Closed Cooling Tower (Compound Flow Single Intake)

Product details

Structural drawing


Product performance

1 . Cooling medium with high temperature and large temperature difference can be cooled by compound flow cooing method.

2 . Built-in maintenance platform , large internal space , easy maintenance;

3 . High air duct design , unique exhaust system to ensure ventilation , fast heat dissipation and cooling effect;

4 Low noise, vulnerable parts adopt domestic well-known brands, low failure rate , low maintenance cost;

5 . The cooler adopts the anti-freezing and energy-saving design , which ensures the drainage of circulating water to avoid freezing damage when the temperature is low in the northern region.

6 . The design conforms to the international cooing tower certification requirements. It is beautiful and elegant , easy to operate and maintain.

Parameter table


Note: The change of parameters caused by equipment modification will not be notified separately. The specific parameters are mainly based on our scheme.