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WBN Countercurrent Closed Cooling Tower

Product details

Structural drawing


Product performance

1 . Countercurrent cooling mode is adopted with few heat-dissipating blind zones and high heat transfer efficiency.

2 . Professional and efficient water collector to control the drifting rate of operation less than 0.001%.

3 . The design of high air duct ensures that the air flow of the equipment meets the heat dissipation requirement.

4 . Comparing with other cooling towers, the area occupied by cooling towers is reduced to meet the space needs of users.

5 . Closed circulation is adopted in the box to prevent the blockage of spraying caused by impurities entering the tower.

6 . The cooler adopts the anti-freezing and energy-saving design, which ensures the drainage of circulating water to avoid freezing damage at lower temperatures in the northern region.

7 . Double-loop can be deigned according to the user's equipment requirements Even if one cycle fails , the other cycle can run normally.

8 . The unit has beautiful design , automatic digital display, simple operation and maintenance.

Parameter table


Note: The change of parameters caused by equipment modification will not be notified separately. The specific parameters are mainly based on our scheme.